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The History Behind The Sweetness..

Pure Lime, the 1st Chocolate Jouvert  (Dutty) Mas Band on the streets of London for NottingHill Carnival (NHC) in 1996. 

Like most great things, it was born out of the PURE desire to ‘LIME’.

Homesick Trini friends wanted a piece of home. 


From the original 7 revellers PL has grown into a BIG BIG FAMILY. 

We pride ourselves on the closeness of our band and our inclusivity.

From Kiddies to Grannies, any Colour, Creed and Race we are ONE!

Making it a UNIQUE experience on the road with FUN for all the FAMILY!


NHC had the feathers and beads synonymous to Carnivals around the globe, but what it lacked was the tradition of JOUVERT or DIRTY MAS and that’s what we brought.

So what is Jouvert, you ask?

In the wee hours of the morning on the 1st day of Carnival in Trinidad, masqueraders  flock to the streets – but not as you know it. There are  no feathers or beads not a ‘pretty mas’ costume is in sight.

This tradition is known as J’ouvert, a French word meaning ‘day open’.. this celebration not only opens carnival itself but it happens on the opening of the day i.e. @ dawn, when the air was cool and the streets are dark. Masqueraders party in the streets from dawn until sunrise, covered in mud, oil & paint.


PL added a twist. CHOCOLATE - Sweet, Delicious & Plentiful.


Buckets upon buckets are filled with liquid Chocolate (gluten, diary, vegan & nut free).